Red-bellied short-necked turtle

  • Scientific name:Emydura subglobosa
  • Size:baby
  • Breeding season:all year around
  • CITES:none

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The red-bellied short-necked turtle (Emydura subglobosa), pink-bellied side-necked turtle, or Jardine River turtle is a species of turtle in the familyChelidae.This hard-shelled chelid is more colorful than most of its relatives.

Red-bellied short-necked turtles are popular as pets. A 75-gallon or larger aquarium is used to house this species. In captivity, they feed on fish, commercial turtle pellets and plant matter.

Due to Australia’s ban of exporting wild-caught animals, all wild-caught individuals are from New Guinea. In the United States, Florida had bred these turtles to supply the market. Hong Kong and Taiwan had also bred red-bellied short-necked turtles.

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