Ocellated Spiny-tailed lizard

  • Scientific name:Uromastyx ocellata
  • Size:baby
  • Breeding season:all year around
  • CITES:none

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Uromastyx is a genus of African and Asian agamid lizards, the member species of which are commonly called spiny-tailed lizards, uromastyces, mastigures, or dabb lizards. Lizards in the genus Uromastyx are primarily herbivorous, but occasionally eat insects and other small animals, especially young lizards. They spend most of their waking hours basking in the sun, hiding in underground chambers at daytime, or when danger appears. They tend to establish themselves in hilly, rocky areas with good shelter and accessible vegetation.

Uromastyx ocellata is a species of agamid lizard native to northeastern Africa. It is known as the ocellated spinytail, eyed dabb lizard, and ocellated uromastyx.

Uromastyx ocellata is a medium-small species of Uromastyx, usually weighing 225 g (0.496 lb) and reaching an average length of around 28 cm (11 in). Males usually have a bright blue coloration with yellow and orange spots down their backs while females are usually lighter in coloration, but are typically larger than males.

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