Asian Forest Scorpion

  • Scientific name:Heterometrus spinifer
  • Size:baby
  • Breeding season:all year around
  • CITES:yes

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Heterometrus spinifer, the giant forest scorpion, giant blue scorpion, or Malaysian black scorpion, is a species of scorpions belonging to the family Scorpionidae.

H. spinifer can reach a length around 10–12 cm (3.9–4.7 in). The body is shiny black with gray-green reflections. The pincers are highly developed. It feeds primarily on insects, mainly cockroaches, crickets, and locusts. Its venom can cause very severe pain, disorders of vision, and mild numbness in the affected area, but it is not typically lethal to humans. These scorpions tend to be skittish and defensive, using their large pedipalps (pincers) to attack, more than their tails.

The Malaysian black scorpion is commonly kept in the pet trade due to its low venom toxicity and large size.

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