⭐️Please care about turtles with Magellan Explorer

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Please care about turtles with Magellan Explorer

Please notify as soon as you discover turtles with sell decorated
When your kids trying to buy a colorful turtle, please teach your kids a lesson to respect lives. This is not a creation but torturing.
⭐️Turtle shell feels pain.
⭐️Recently there is a kind of colorful turtle at the aquarium. 
⭐️This is a cruel activity.
⭐️Because turtles do feel pain when you touch their shells. 
⭐️There are all blood vessels and nerves under the shell. If you put any poisonous water-proof paint on the shell, most of turtles will suffer from shell rot. 

⭐️You could imagine that you are painted with poison on your body and then you rot from nails to all the skin. How painful it is! 
⭐️Please resist this inhuman commercial activity. 
⭐️People always take good care of cats and dogs.
Mini pets suffer from body reconstruction, being abandon or flushing into the toilet.

Here are some misunderstandings about turtles below

⭐️Misunderstanding 1 ⭐️Turtle shells are just covers and protections. They are the same as snail shells, and don’t belong to turtles’ organisms.
The shell of a turtle is more than just a covering. It is part of the animal’s skeleton and is made up of fused bones. Blood vessels and nerves run through the shell, and it protects the turtle’s vital organs. If you touch turtle shell, the vibration will pass down to the nerves under the shell. Turtles can feel your touch. If someone punch a hole on the edge of shell, turtles do feel painful.

⭐️ Misunderstanding 2 ⭐️ Turtle shells are strong and unbreakable.
Put you into a wood case and push you down from the fifth floor. Will you still be fine? Turtles are fragile. Turtle shell protects the turtle from bruises and scrapes. You won’t see any scar on the shell. However, the internal organs may suffer injury.

⭐️Misunderstanding 3 ⭐️ Turtle shells are bones. If any problem happens, they might lack of calcium.
The bones of the shell are covered with a thick layer of skin and hard layers of keratin, the same protein found that called the carapace, and the belly of the shell is called the plastron. Lacking calcium and VD3 will only affect bone growing and lead to abnormality but won’t affect shell’s growth. We sometimes can see the turtle shell peeling which means turtle shell grows but it doesn’t go along with bone growing.

⭐️ Misunderstanding 4⭐️ Turtles move slowly.。
The reaction, speed and temperature are in direct proportion. The higher temperature, the faster reaction.

⭐️Misunderstanding 5⭐️  Wild turtles have poverty of food. They are usually starveling. So artificial breeding turtles just need a little food.
Turtles are at the lower level of the food chain. Food in the wild should be plentiful and rich. Turtles can truly endure hunger. However, it is because all reptiles which go through Ice Age would have the biological stress resistance. As a result, people consider that reptiles should eat less. Most people even think that if you want to raise good turtles, you should keep them hungry and give them less food. Poor turtles!

Further explanation:
Basically, Poikilotherm animals don’t usually feel hungry. Because their metabolism could fit by following the environmental change. Even turtles can eat less, we still need to feed them enough food.

⭐️ Misunderstanding 6⭐️ Turtles have low IQ.
Reptiles’ IQ are normally lower than other creatures, but crocodiles’ and turtles’ IQ are much higher. Turtles can recognize a man is their breeder or a stranger if you treat them well.

Most people consider that turtles love their food more. So do I.

⭐️ Misunderstanding 7⭐️ Aquatic turtles talk.
All the aquatic turtles don’t have vocal cords or syrinxes like birds. If your turtle talks, it may be a problem, pneumonia.

⭐️ Misunderstanding 8⭐️ Baby turtles bite their pals’ tails.
It’s rare to see baby turtles bite each other because they can tell food and tails. There are thousands of baby turtles in the pool. They live, eat and grow together. There are a few turtles without tails. The most facts of breaking tails are nutritional deficiencies or vitamins lacking. It leads to the end of tail necrosis, drying or peeling. Another situation of breaking tails may be that turtles with less genetic relationships live together.

Tip: Some breeders have experiences about breaking tails of their turtles. Guys should avoid mix different families of turtles together. Give them more spaces so that they could live comfortably.

⭐️ Misunderstanding 9⭐️Even aquatic turtles, make sure the depth of water can’t be too deep. Otherwise they will be drowned.

Basically, aquatic turtles won’t drown themselves.

⭐️Misunderstanding 10⭐️Sunbathing- just in the sunlight.
All animals need calcium in their system in order to survive. Reptiles are unable to form vitamin D without the help of ultraviolet rays. Within their bloodstream and in their skin, reptiles have a compound known as provitamin D3. This is a precursor to vitamin D3. With the help of ultraviolet B rays, this provitamin is converted to provitamin D3, which the reptile is able to convert into vitamin D3 – with the help of a proper body temperature.
Direct sunlight is the best source for these rays. “Direct” means the sunlight does not pass through glass or other clear material; the glass blocks the necessary rays while admitting the heat. Placing your reptile in an aquarium near a window won’t give him what he needs and may just cause him to overheat.




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